We’ve been taking part in many different investigation projects that have driven Labelec as a lightning impact testing reference laboratory. We have worked in fields like the electric actions of the lightning strikes or the energy emissions of high voltage sparks. Labelec has also investigated in the field of the calibration instruments investigation, the high intensity in composite materials, the rupture of composite materials or the point of lightning impact on wind turbines, between many others.

Investigation of lightning behavior

LABELEC participates in research activities and programs.

Our research includes:

  • Investigation of lightning electrical behavior
  • Energy emissions of high voltage sparks
  • Calibration of research instruments
  • High intensity in composite materials
  • Rupture of composite materials
  • Point of lightning impact on wind turbines
  • and much more

Why with us?

Labelec’s facilities are unique, offering a research opportunity in different aspects of engineering and science.

Labelec has collaborated in national and international research actions in the development of new applications and in fundamental science.

Our philosophy will always be in the quality and professionalism of our profession. Our technical team performs all its tasks with rigorous seriousness searching the optimal result.

The dedication makes us offer a personalized service to the needs and requirements that are needed.

The high voltage laboratory Labelec has the commitment to give the best tailored service to the customer needs and at best price comparable to the requests required.

Labelec participates

LABELEC participates in national and international research projects such as:

  • ESA ASIM Mission: The study of high energy emissions produced by lightning. LABELEC sponsors the laboratory testing campaigns in relation to the MINECO ASIM project and with the participation of the University of Bergen.
  • LABELEC will participate as a research laboratory in the SAINT project in EU2020.
  • LABLELEC has participated in the LightPro EEA Grants project for the development of a new lightning impulse generator up to 3 MV.
  • Other confidential projects.