Environmental tests to simulate ageing

Many standards require conditioning of the test samples prior to conducting high-voltage pulse or current pulse electrical tests. The purpose of these treatments is to simulate the degradation or corrosion that the elements of the lightning protection system will suffer during its useful life.

Labelec is able to conduct saline mist treatment trials with storage under high humidity conditions. These tests are intended to simulate severe corrosion conditions. We also carry out tests of sulfur dioxide with condensation of the humidity. The purpose of these tests is to simulate corrosion conditions in industrial environments. On the other hand, the tests in ammonia atmosphere are applied especially in components with alloys with a minimum of 80% of copper. All these tests are required in most standards of lightning protection system elements such as IEC 62561.

The Laboratory also has low and high temperature cameras to carry out mechanical tests of fixations elements for lightning protection systems.

In addition to the corrosion tests, the chambers with controlled temperature and humidity allow us to perform tests of electrical and / or electronic equipment in extreme conditions of temperature and humidity.