Labelec is able to simulate the lightning point of impact and degradation of insulating materials

We offer tests for the evaluation of lightning rods or aerial capture systems for the industrial sector. According to the different application rules, the detection capacity of a lightning rod is evaluated through the application of priming series on the test element. The lightning capture systems we test include from aerial terminals like lightning rods to architectural elements destined to the capture of the ray. We also carry out insulation evaluation tests against voltage impulses. This is the case of insulators in power systems, bushing and transformer terminals. We also verify the insulation in cables and tubes.

For wind and aeronautics sectors we carry out tests to evaluate the efficiency of the aerial termination systems. These tests verify the design of aerial terminals and assess the risk of impacts in uncontrolled areas. The tests are carried out on representative samples according to the standards. High voltage pulses are applied in both polarities to the samples and by recording images we verify the points of impact and the points at risk where they develop discharges that do not end in impacts. In addition to verifying the capture system, these tests allow the evaluation of different designs and the quality of lightning protection systems’ manufacture.

High voltage services of LABELEC to wind energy industry

The high voltage laboratory LABELEC has been servicing wind energy industry for more than 15 years. From the TR 61400 to the latest update of the IEC 61400-24. LABELEC offers high voltage and high current tests for the lightning protection system of wind turbines. These include lightning attachment tests of blades and other components such air terminals of the nacelle. We have experience in high current test to blade receptors, connection components, down conductors, spark gaps and simulation of lightning currents to blades and carbon reinforced plastic materials. Electrical current tests also include current distribution in full scale blades and nacelles. We offer dielectric and electrical conductivity characterization of composite materials. LABELEC facilities also include aging/conditioning chambers to simulate the environmental effects of lightning protection system components.

Risk assessment and root cause analysis

DENA offers risk assessment evaluation of lightning exposure of wind turbines based on lighting occurrence using LINET lightning detection data (GL certified). When lightning problems happen, DENA offers support to the root cause analysis providing the lightning occurrence related to the event.